Thinking About Becoming a Food Vendor?

Thinking About Becoming a Food Vendor?

If you’re thinking about being a food vendor at this year’s festival here’s some information that will help you out!

The purpose of the Croaker Festival is to provide a venue for non-profit organizations of Pamlico County. It is the policy of the Croaker Festival to give priority to:

  • Pamlico County non-profit organizations
  • Local for profit organizations

We choose vendors that provide a wide variety of products and make efforts to minimize duplications as much as possible. We can’t guarantee that there will not be duplications. We reserve the right to choose those vendors who we determine to best fit with the mission and spirit of the festival.

Non Profit Designation

Non Profit Organizations located in Pamlico County or who provide services within Pamlico County are eligible to reserve a booth at the reduced rate. Non-Profits located outside of the county are not eligible for this reduced rate.

Festival Headquarters

The headquarters for the festival is at the Croaker Booth located on the corner of South Avenue and Freemason Street in Oriental.

Booth Assignment

Spaces will be assigned once all vendors have been selected. All vendors must check in at the Croaker Booth upon arriving at the festival for booth space assignments. Do not proceed to a booth location without verifying your booth assignment with us first.

Health Department Permits

All food vendors must have a permit from the Pamlico County Health department to serve food. The form for this permit may be downloaded from this website. The completed form and fee must be included with the application.

Booth Size

Booth space is allocated in units of 10’ x 12’. We cannot guarantee you a place in the shade so we suggest that you furnish your own sun protection or tent. Your booth will be either on grass, pavement, or gravel. Please be sure to tell us on your application the exact size of your tent, tarp, trailer, or other booth type. Please be prepared for the possibility of inclement weather, including rain and wind. We suggest sides for tents. We also ask that in case of a rain event, you remain at your location. Vehicles will not be allowed on the grounds until 6:00pm Saturday.

Booth Information Email Address

You may write to us at

Food Offerings

Only those items approved in advance by the Festival may be sold. Additionally, all food and beverage items and their prices must be displayed prominently on the outside of the booth; food and beverage sales may not begin until the signage is in place. ALL BEVERAGES SOLD MUST BE IN CUPS. NO CANS OR BOTTLES WILL BE PERMITTED.

Food Preparation

For profit food vendors who will be using oil or other fats for cooking will incur a $50 surcharge. Vendors using oil or other fats must remove used products and dispose of them at their own disposal facility. The are NOT to be disposed of in the dumpsters. Disposing of these anywhere on the festival grounds is specifically forbidden.


Electricity is available on a limited basis at a nominal fee. If you need electricity please be sure to indicate that on the this form and bring outdoor extension cords for hook up. If you experience any electrical failure, please notify the Croaker Booth. Please DO NOT attempt to fix the problem yourself.

Set Up and Take Down Times – Food Booths

Entering the festival grounds

All vendors must enter the festival grounds from Broad Street, turn east onto  Main street, go to the end and turn left onto South Street. Check in at the Croaker Booth before moving your setup into place. No set up will be permitted on Thursday. Vendors should plan to arrive in Oriental on Friday morning.

Food Booth Setup Friday

All professional vendor food booths must be set up on Friday between 8:00am and 12:00pm – no exceptions. Food may not be sold until the booth is approved by the Pamlico County Health inspectors. The opening ceremonies for the festival begin at 4:00pm.

Food Booth Setup Saturday

Non-professional food vendors may set up on Saturday morning. Food booths must be open by 8:30 am with all vehicles removed from the festival site by 8:15 am. Vendors may not close or dismantle booths before 6:00 pm on Saturday but may remain open until 9:00 pm if they so desire. The street dance will begin at 7:00 pm and ends at 9:00 pm. The fireworks start at approximately 9:30pm.

Parking and Street Access Restrictions

The Town of Oriental authorizes certain streets to be closed to vehicle traffic on Friday and Saturday. Streets will be closed Friday 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm and Saturday from 10:00am to 6:30pm. No access to or parking on the closed streets will be permitted during these hours except for:

  • Bands/musicians who may enter for loading/unloading their equipment only (permit required).
  • Parade participants
  • Emergency vehicles responding to an emergency

There will be no exceptions. Vendors who remove barricades or otherwise violate the closed street signs and rules will be ticketed and may be denied participation in this and or future festivals. Plentiful vendor parking is available in the parking lot at the corner of Third and Church Street.


We cannot guarantee security. However for the 30 plus years that the festival has been held there have been no thefts from any of the booths left up over night. The Town provides limited police protection for the duration of the festival.

First Aid Locations

In case of a medical emergency, call 911, or notify an attendant at the Croaker Booth to call for assistance.

Trash Removal

We will have garbage cans and a large dumpster available for trash. Booths must be taken down and trash removed no later than 7:00am Sunday morning, prior to the Community Sunday Service in the Park.

Vendors are responsible for the clean up of their own booth sites.

Cooking oil may NOT be deposited in the dumpsters and must be removed by the vendors. Our trash crew will be collecting your trash periodically during the festival as they service festival garbage cans, helping you to your area clean.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation notice must be given to booth chairman before May 20, 2017 by written notification or by email for a full refund. No refunds will be made after this date. The festival is a local charity event with all proceeds going directly to local charities and non profit agencies, to the fireworks fund, or to the actual costs of running the festival. In the event of weather related or other circumstances that require the  cancellation of the festival your booth fee will be donated to the Croaker Festival general operating fund, unless you designate a particular Pamlico County non-profit organization.